Women Ruling Over the Men

I surmise that it was the 18 – 29 and a few years old women that went out in droves and voted for the Democratic Socialist Party.  They’re terrified that their right to murder their child in their womb will be taken away.  I weep over this nation, as it crumbles into dust and, eventually a totalitarian police state.

My generation was the one targeted with the idea that all “women”  were oppressed by a patriarchal society and therefore we had to be released from shackles of religion, marriage. and tradition. I wrote a poem about that a few years ago.  It rings more true today,  I call this, ” Bringing Home the Bacon.”

We humans can do whatever we want     Oh my, we’re such a sorry lot

I remember the sixties, burning draft cards and hippies

Protesting wars, standing up to the beast in schools and streets

Wood stock LSD Free love and flowers

Women marching and burning their bras  breasts  bouncing  unshackled

Tossing chains of religion, marriage, commitment tradition.

I can bring home the bacon; fry it up in the pan.

Never let you forget you’re a man. Cause I’m a woman.

All Hail Margaret Sanger, Gloria Steinem and their Rockefeller funded plan.

With the women working outside of the home

The nuclear family soon goes on the skids

In time the police state raises the kids

These unwanted rug rats are fodder for war

And with the increase in taxes, we’ll fund plenty more

And we’ll shove it all down our throats with their media whores!

Let’s jumpstart big Pharma they throw in the Pill. We’ll replace the sacred with “do what thou will.” Liberate the masses for sexual conquest. Oh glory! We’ll remind them they came from monkeys, and the result of that union between the man and the woman won’t really be human and discarded promptly. Population control! LOL Oh so easy.

We humans can do whatever we want.   Oh my, we’re such a sorry lot.

We’ve learned to discard and despise the imperfect, the sick, the disabled and the slow. These merely burden our flow, so let’s assure our control with the 23 and Me designer baby!

How about a blue eyed, Barbie with not a shred of disease; can we get an amazon female please? My child will play a Bach Concerto on the piano and she’ll be a stunning model who wears stilettos. We’d like an intellectual homosexual. But can you assure that he has an extra-large asshole?   Oh, the church of the pill serves many purposes still, like promiscuity, and it seems to have worked quite flawlessly. The men pop Viagra endlessly.

We humans can do whatever we want.  Oh my we’re such a sorry lot

Fifty nine million still forming humans chopped and pulled plumb out of their wombs, their covering, their cave, Yes since Roe V Wade, 60 million unknowns have died. We conveniently reframe infanticide into a self-righteous sound bite: “my body, my right” And that sperm and the egg from the lust of your flesh? Just a bothersome mass to be nipped and tucked like your face or your breast .Yet weren’t we all formed in the womb of our mothers, our bones mysteriously knit together?  Oh she wondered with glee oh who we would be. But today, pregnancy is just another liability.  Does Obamacare still cover the fees?   Hey America, get down on your knees.


I’d bet that not one of us wide eyed fourteen year olds protesting the war in Viet Nam had much knowledge about the Rockefeller/Kissinger/Global Eugenist link to Ms. “ proud of her abortion” Steinem,

and how could we grasp the budding socialist desires of Bella Abzug.  We young girls were clueless that the eugenics movement was currently transforming itself into a genetic one. But that’s old hat now, like male and female.  The current terrestrial front is robotic, nanatronic and electromagnetic. Underneath all the killing, stealing and destroying, however,  the bottom line has always been demonic.  Only one way to overcome.  The Blood of the Lamb and the Torah. That’s supposed to be written on your hearts and your minds.  Is it?  Or are you bowing down to the beast phone, waiting for a dopamine drip?  Repent, America. The Kingdom and the Reign of Yahwah is at hand.

How about a little music to soul our troubled souls. . .


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