What Endures Forever

I remember my mom picking me up from school. We were both sobbing. 11.22.1963  was a cold, rainy dreary horrific day.  Appropriate weather for a grieving family and a shocked nation.

Three years earlier, I was a doe-eyed seven year old when John F. Kennedy made a campaign stop in Davenport, Iowa. It was a thirty minute drive, and my parents were as excited as I was.

The demonic underbelly – that military industrial complex that Eisenhower warned about – and that Kennedy bravely spoke about – showed murderous fangs that day.  My dad knew instantly that those bullets could have never come from the 6th floor of a building.  And when Lee Harvey Oswald claimed he was a patsy, he was telling the truth. But how do you explain a burgeoning deep state to a nine year old?


Three days later when Jack Ruby killed the 24 year – old Oswald while in police custody, my generation was baptized into murder on our antenna spouting black and white tell the lie vision. . I will never forget the expression of pain on Oswald’s face as the bullets entered into his midsection.


It was so much easier to kill, steal, destroy, lie and cover up back in 1963.  And the Warren Commission surely did.  By the time the synagogue of satan and their minions pulled off 9/11, they were counting on the lie being so big, and the trauma to be so large that no one would think about  the oil executive meetings that Big Dick organized, the short sellers of airline stocks, remote controlled planes,  or the Project for the New American’ Century’s lust for their New Pearl Harbor.

Millions, including me, witnessed the second plane manuver into the tower.  My first thought was ” Where’s Norad?” My second thought was, those Twin Towers were built to withstand a wayward jet. And that was before they were pulverized into a deadly toxic soup of dust. How many people in New York are still dying what they were forced to inhale?  But the national fervor and grief was cataclysmic;. So those of us who continued  to go down the rabbit hole knew this was America’s Reichstag Fire.  Saying ” inside job” wasn’t popular, even years later. But most know now that this wickedness was merely another tool in the hands of those devil worshipers to bring in the surveillance state, destroy the foundation of liberty and freedom to bring in the 4th Reich and destabilize the Middle East to set the wave of refugee migration and destruction of nations in Europe and so so much more.  it wasn’t popular to know up front that what we had witnessed was an orchestrated event, and all made to be seen on the  tell lie vision in every living room, bar, doctor’s office and educational institution in the U.S. Corporate State.

I threw out my tell the lie vision two decades ago.  And I haven’t yet succumbed to the ” smart phone,” which is the mark of the beast in the left or right hand  . . . you know, the one that everybody is loading up their photos on . . . or those iris scans where the dark murderous ones will be able to determine which sheep has the perfect liver or heart that can be harvested that day.  Sorta like what the Chinese have been doing for years to the Falun Gong.

It’s one thing for phony investigations and false FISA documents and the shady Mueller to look for something that was never there.  So now the tactic is to mobilize the standing army of Bolshevik and Brownshirt sycophants to blame the President for every possible evil thing in the world.  Yes, we’re watching the plans of ancients come to pass in our lifetime.  We are the lights out generation. And we better stand until the end and not put our lamp under a bushel.

Cause we’re it.  The devil and his companions, through the past sixty years of mass socially engineered generational brainwashing, chemicals in the air, water and food, mercury laden ( and worse) vaccines and “ask your doctor for death pills,”  phony wars for drugs, oil, minerals and the souls of men in the mission to fund forever murder death and wars, have created a generation of autistic, brain damaged youth, a mass suicidal culture peppered with millions of millennials who get hurt when someone disagrees.  But don’t worry children, if Jezebel and her Demoncrats take back the house, well, things will be “civil” again.  Insanity abounds.  It’s a curse found in Deuteronomy 28:28  for disregarding the commandments and forsaking the Yahwah that made us.

The demonic net is nearly complete, as 5G will soon be transmitting death rays in a neighborhood near you.   That is, unless you can stop it.

So my mother is now 90 years. She’s been quite stunned that what she thought was true was mostly theater.  Dad was a WWII Navy gunner in Japan and an amazing entrepreneur. Hard worker. Provider. He’s been gone twenty years.  If he was here, we’d be chatting about the insanity.  And we’d be reminding ourselves of the one truth that never changes.  The one ha satan  hates the most.  The blood and the Torah.  This combination is what will defeat every false, evil.  It’s already decided.  What side will you choose?


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