Women Ruling Over the Men

I surmise that it was the 18 – 29 and a few years old women that went out in droves and voted for the Democratic Socialist Party.  They’re terrified that their right to murder their child in their womb will be taken away.  I weep over this nation, as it crumbles into dust and, eventually a totalitarian police state.

My generation was the one targeted with the idea that all “women”  were oppressed by a patriarchal society and therefore we had to be released from shackles of religion, marriage. and tradition. I wrote a poem about that a few years ago.  It rings more true today,  I call this, ” Bringing Home the Bacon.”

We humans can do whatever we want     Oh my, we’re such a sorry lot

I remember the sixties, burning draft cards and hippies

Protesting wars, standing up to the beast in schools and streets

Wood stock LSD Free love and flowers

Women marching and burning their bras  breasts  bouncing  unshackled

Tossing chains of religion, marriage, commitment tradition.

I can bring home the bacon; fry it up in the pan.

Never let you forget you’re a man. Cause I’m a woman.

All Hail Margaret Sanger, Gloria Steinem and their Rockefeller funded plan.

With the women working outside of the home

The nuclear family soon goes on the skids

In time the police state raises the kids

These unwanted rug rats are fodder for war

And with the increase in taxes, we’ll fund plenty more

And we’ll shove it all down our throats with their media whores!

Let’s jumpstart big Pharma they throw in the Pill. We’ll replace the sacred with “do what thou will.” Liberate the masses for sexual conquest. Oh glory! We’ll remind them they came from monkeys, and the result of that union between the man and the woman won’t really be human and discarded promptly. Population control! LOL Oh so easy.

We humans can do whatever we want.   Oh my, we’re such a sorry lot.

We’ve learned to discard and despise the imperfect, the sick, the disabled and the slow. These merely burden our flow, so let’s assure our control with the 23 and Me designer baby!

How about a blue eyed, Barbie with not a shred of disease; can we get an amazon female please? My child will play a Bach Concerto on the piano and she’ll be a stunning model who wears stilettos. We’d like an intellectual homosexual. But can you assure that he has an extra-large asshole?   Oh, the church of the pill serves many purposes still, like promiscuity, and it seems to have worked quite flawlessly. The men pop Viagra endlessly.

We humans can do whatever we want.  Oh my we’re such a sorry lot

Fifty nine million still forming humans chopped and pulled plumb out of their wombs, their covering, their cave, Yes since Roe V Wade, 60 million unknowns have died. We conveniently reframe infanticide into a self-righteous sound bite: “my body, my right” And that sperm and the egg from the lust of your flesh? Just a bothersome mass to be nipped and tucked like your face or your breast .Yet weren’t we all formed in the womb of our mothers, our bones mysteriously knit together?  Oh she wondered with glee oh who we would be. But today, pregnancy is just another liability.  Does Obamacare still cover the fees?   Hey America, get down on your knees.


I’d bet that not one of us wide eyed fourteen year olds protesting the war in Viet Nam had much knowledge about the Rockefeller/Kissinger/Global Eugenist link to Ms. “ proud of her abortion” Steinem,

and how could we grasp the budding socialist desires of Bella Abzug.  We young girls were clueless that the eugenics movement was currently transforming itself into a genetic one. But that’s old hat now, like male and female.  The current terrestrial front is robotic, nanatronic and electromagnetic. Underneath all the killing, stealing and destroying, however,  the bottom line has always been demonic.  Only one way to overcome.  The Blood of the Lamb and the Torah. That’s supposed to be written on your hearts and your minds.  Is it?  Or are you bowing down to the beast phone, waiting for a dopamine drip?  Repent, America. The Kingdom and the Reign of Yahwah is at hand.

How about a little music to soul our troubled souls. . .


What Endures Forever

I remember my mom picking me up from school. We were both sobbing. 11.22.1963  was a cold, rainy dreary horrific day.  Appropriate weather for a grieving family and a shocked nation.

Three years earlier, I was a doe-eyed seven year old when John F. Kennedy made a campaign stop in Davenport, Iowa. It was a thirty minute drive, and my parents were as excited as I was.

The demonic underbelly – that military industrial complex that Eisenhower warned about – and that Kennedy bravely spoke about – showed murderous fangs that day.  My dad knew instantly that those bullets could have never come from the 6th floor of a building.  And when Lee Harvey Oswald claimed he was a patsy, he was telling the truth. But how do you explain a burgeoning deep state to a nine year old?


Three days later when Jack Ruby killed the 24 year – old Oswald while in police custody, my generation was baptized into murder on our antenna spouting black and white tell the lie vision. . I will never forget the expression of pain on Oswald’s face as the bullets entered into his midsection.


It was so much easier to kill, steal, destroy, lie and cover up back in 1963.  And the Warren Commission surely did.  By the time the synagogue of satan and their minions pulled off 9/11, they were counting on the lie being so big, and the trauma to be so large that no one would think about  the oil executive meetings that Big Dick organized, the short sellers of airline stocks, remote controlled planes,  or the Project for the New American’ Century’s lust for their New Pearl Harbor.

Millions, including me, witnessed the second plane manuver into the tower.  My first thought was ” Where’s Norad?” My second thought was, those Twin Towers were built to withstand a wayward jet. And that was before they were pulverized into a deadly toxic soup of dust. How many people in New York are still dying what they were forced to inhale?  But the national fervor and grief was cataclysmic;. So those of us who continued  to go down the rabbit hole knew this was America’s Reichstag Fire.  Saying ” inside job” wasn’t popular, even years later. But most know now that this wickedness was merely another tool in the hands of those devil worshipers to bring in the surveillance state, destroy the foundation of liberty and freedom to bring in the 4th Reich and destabilize the Middle East to set the wave of refugee migration and destruction of nations in Europe and so so much more.  it wasn’t popular to know up front that what we had witnessed was an orchestrated event, and all made to be seen on the  tell lie vision in every living room, bar, doctor’s office and educational institution in the U.S. Corporate State.

I threw out my tell the lie vision two decades ago.  And I haven’t yet succumbed to the ” smart phone,” which is the mark of the beast in the left or right hand  . . . you know, the one that everybody is loading up their photos on . . . or those iris scans where the dark murderous ones will be able to determine which sheep has the perfect liver or heart that can be harvested that day.  Sorta like what the Chinese have been doing for years to the Falun Gong.

It’s one thing for phony investigations and false FISA documents and the shady Mueller to look for something that was never there.  So now the tactic is to mobilize the standing army of Bolshevik and Brownshirt sycophants to blame the President for every possible evil thing in the world.  Yes, we’re watching the plans of ancients come to pass in our lifetime.  We are the lights out generation. And we better stand until the end and not put our lamp under a bushel.

Cause we’re it.  The devil and his companions, through the past sixty years of mass socially engineered generational brainwashing, chemicals in the air, water and food, mercury laden ( and worse) vaccines and “ask your doctor for death pills,”  phony wars for drugs, oil, minerals and the souls of men in the mission to fund forever murder death and wars, have created a generation of autistic, brain damaged youth, a mass suicidal culture peppered with millions of millennials who get hurt when someone disagrees.  But don’t worry children, if Jezebel and her Demoncrats take back the house, well, things will be “civil” again.  Insanity abounds.  It’s a curse found in Deuteronomy 28:28  for disregarding the commandments and forsaking the Yahwah that made us.

The demonic net is nearly complete, as 5G will soon be transmitting death rays in a neighborhood near you.   That is, unless you can stop it.

So my mother is now 90 years. She’s been quite stunned that what she thought was true was mostly theater.  Dad was a WWII Navy gunner in Japan and an amazing entrepreneur. Hard worker. Provider. He’s been gone twenty years.  If he was here, we’d be chatting about the insanity.  And we’d be reminding ourselves of the one truth that never changes.  The one ha satan  hates the most.  The blood and the Torah.  This combination is what will defeat every false, evil.  It’s already decided.  What side will you choose?


Liar Liar Pants on Fire

Ole Obamanation is up in arms and lock and loading those young impressionable safe space seeking brainwashed budding Bolsheviks in Michigan and Wisconsin and I don’t care where else. A couple of comments that he proclaimed caught my attention. They include:

““In Washington they have racked up enough indictments to field a football team,” he said. “Nobody in my administration got indicted.” 

. . .”they’re trying to convince everybody to be afraid of a bunch of impoverished, malnourished refugees a thousand miles away, . . .  Not health care, not whether or not folks are able to retire, doing something about higher wages, rebuilding our roads and bridges and putting people back to work.”

It’s hard to know where to start, and honestly, I really don’t want to waste too much time rehashing Fast and Furious, Lois Lerner, Uranium One, Benghazi, Arming ISIS, Destroying Libya (and stealing the gold), Clinton’s State Department’s Pay to Play,  Obamacare’s “you can Keep your doctor” while we bankrupt America.


Oh yeah,  and all those jobs?  Well,  you told us that there were quite a few that ” just weren’t coming back.”  And on and on ad infinitum.

So, Mr. Obamination.  You and Hillary haven’t been indicted. . . . yet.   And while I’d love to believe that Q is really really really the real deal, those 50,000 indictments haven’t happened yet either.  But for the past two years, we sure have seen a melting pot of embedded traitors and communists in the CIA, FBI, NSA, NDI, et. al., along with Silicon Valley Technocrats and old fogey’s like John Brennen and George Soros and all those other poor folks who got enticed into horrific compromising positions  – concocted a massive scheme to overthrow the current President.  And it’s still going on, isn’t it?

Mankind is such a pesky creature. Seems those original instructions we were given in the garden have been tossed aside as our nation descends into madness.  But while all this insanity is going on, don’t think for a minute that the ultimate goal of Satan isn’t marching forward without much resistance.

We’re not too far from the whole world giving their biometrics to the AI beast. And not being able to buy or sell without yielding them.  It’s already happening in India; listen to this.

So, yeah, we’re not fighting Soros, Obamination, Hillary or any of the flesh and blood folks. We’re fighting the demonic spirits that they have sold their souls to. And our weapons are not carnal, but mighty through Yahwah, to the pulling down of strongholds.  More on this in  later posts.

In the meantime, get some wisdom on how to go about that  here and here weeknights 9 – 10 PM EST

All the world’s a stage . . .

This interview with Cody Snogres took place nearly one year ago on John B. Well’s Caravan to Midnight program.  Snogres is known as the man who refused to rig explosions to bring down the Oklahoma City’s Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building.

Many of us have seen the documentaries on the Oklahoma City bombing, and a few of us have been around long enough to see the patterns of killing, stealing and destroying  and figured out by now that the whole world is run by a vicious group of demonically inspired and controlled individuals who get their kicks – and power – from drinking the blood of young children whom they’ve just sexually assaulted or worse.

These same  CIA black ops folks offered Cody Snodgres  a million bucks, that he couldn’t be enticed  to murder Americans so the Pentagon and the Clinton Cartel would be protected. Listen to the interview for the gut wrenching specifics.

Cody carried the  burden of what he’d witnessed – not just in Oklahoma – for over twenty years. During that time he died twice,  was targeted for extinction a few times more, spent a couple years in prison for doing the right thing  and saw a few other whistle blowers murdered or destroyed. His guilt eventualy broke his heart and it turned into repentance, seeking forgiveness and restoration in the hands of his Creator.

Cody Snodgres doesnt’ fear man anymore. In Matthew 28:10, Yahwahshua declared ”  And fear not them which kill the body, but are not able to kill the soul: but rather fear him which is able to destroy both soul and body in hell.

We didn’t make the planet. We didn’t create ourselves. We were placed in a garden with a few rules and regulations, which mankind has spent a few thousand years neglecting.  So Satan’s been busy. while the military industrial complex morphed into a pharmacological, educational, militariastist, transhuman, robotic, nanotronic,  artificially intelligent synthetic, genetically modified, media manipulated, technocratic, electrochemical magnetic optic biometric authentication  that treats man as not just a consumer, but an animals, useless eaters and disposable entities.  Well, that stops here and now.  Let’s join with Cody.  Repent, America